We make waste a more valuable resource through AI-based waste quality management

We are a pioneer company in automated assessment of unstructured waste streams in high volumes: Our technology continuously analyzes and quantifies complex waste streams, enabling impurity detection, value chain traceability, and more efficient plant operations

With our AI-based solutions we support all types of waste management facilities: Sorting, Recycling, Waste-to-Energy, Sewage sludge, Biomass, and more by making waste streams fully transparent.

We enable informed decision-making operations that contribute to the optimization of waste processes and efficiency of circular economy.

Our solutions applied to Waste–to–Energy plants

Our solutions - WasteAnt

24/7 automated waste monitoring

of incoming waste materials and exhibit of results in dashboard

Impurity detection

Waste quality assessment

100% Supplier traceability

Proactive process steering

AI-based material preparation for incineration

Sorting / homogenization recommendations

Real time material selection for maximum incineration efficiency

Location of WasteAnt sensor boxes

In a typical Waste–to–Energy plant we can

decrease - WasteAnt

plant operating costs

Avoid unexpected downtimes through impurity detection

Less maintenance efforts through impurity detection

Decrease the required monitoring time of supplier's deliveries by 95%

Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for incineration and gas cleaning material through AI-supported material homogenization

increase - WasteAnt

the Electricity output

Incineration closer to optimal efficiency through AI-supported material selection

Higher waste material throughput due to fewer downtimes

reduce - WasteAnt


Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for incineration

Avoidance of emission peaks through better material homogenization


Automatic monitoring of incoming material


Continuous days of operation


Deliveries autonomously characterized


Tonnes of material analyzed and characterized

The Founding Team

The Founding Team - WeastAnt

That's us!

We got to know each other during our doctoral studies and joint EU and BMBF funded projects. WasteAnt's journey began with the Jacobs Startup Competition 2019, and with the inclusion of Maximilian Storp as a business co-founder at the beginning of 2022, we are now a complete team: international backgrounds, interdisciplinary training, extensive professional experience and the same common vision!

The Co-Founders

Dr. Christian Müller - WasteAnt

Dr. Christian Müller

Managing Director (Tech.)

12 years in Robotics with focus
on Computer Vision and 
Machine Learning

Product Vision and
Quality Control

Maximilian Storp - WasteAnt

Maximilian Storp

Managing Director (Business)

6 years in Strategy, Operations and Restructuring consulting
with Deloitte

Business Development,
Finance, Marketing

Dr. Szymon Krupinski - WasteAnt

Dr. Szymon Krupinski

Head of Operations

15 years in innovation in Oil and Gas industry – software and system engineering

Engineering and
On-sight Operations

Arturo Gomez Chavez - WasteAnt

Arturo Gomez Chavez

Head of R&D

8 years in Robotics R&D with
focus on Cognitive Systems
and AI frameworks

Software Development
and Research

Our Story

  • Participation in Jacobs Startup Competition 2019 with “PacketAnt” (Top 10 out of 160)
  • Winner of the project pitch 2019 competition with the further developed “WasteAnt” concept, organized by swb Kraftwerk city accelerator
  • Participation in the Open innovation cycle accelerator program 2020
  • Approval of EXIST funding 2021
  • Installation of the first prototype in a waste-to-energy plant in autumn 2021
  • Official company formation in October 2021
  • Business Co-Founder Match in November 2021
  • Start of 2nd pilot project with NEEW Ventures in February 2022
  • Pilot project extension with SWB in April 2022
  • Part of the first batch of the High-Tech Incubator Oldenburg since August 2022
  • 2nd place at Deutscher KI-Startup Preis in September 2022
  • Received pre-seed investment from independent investors in October 2022

Our pilot partners

swb - Our pilot partners - WasteAnt

At swb, we deployed a prototype of the 24/7 automated waste monitoring solution since Q3 2021 and have successfully completed the proof of concept.

In the next phase, the solution is going to be retrofitted in all delivery gates and the waste bunker. The goal is to enable transparency in the material acceptance process and offer recommendations for waste homogenization.

eew Energy from Waste - Our pilot partners - WasteAnt

In cooperation with NEEW we built a prototype for collecting information about the waste materials at the bunker drop chute before the incineration process.

The aim is to be able to significantly reduce the fluctuations in the burning and energy output operations based on a better knowledge of the materials quality and type.

eew Energy from Waste

Our supporters

Hightech Inkubator Oldenburg - WasteAnt
Kraftwerk City Accelerator Bremen - WasteAnt
Bremen Startups - WasteAnt
BAFA - WasteAnt
Equihub - WasteAnt
Nvidia Inception Program - WasteAnt