We make waste a more valuable resource through AI-based waste quality management

We are a pioneer company in automated assessment of unstructured waste streams in high volumes: Our technology continuously analyzes and quantifies complex waste streams, enabling impurity detection, value chain traceability, and more efficient plant operations.

With our AI-based solution we bring transparency into unstructured waste streams: Identification of impurities, temperature hot-spots, emissions, calorific value, validation of waste classification code and characteristics such as homogeneity or dustiness combined with supplier traceability and automated reports.

Optimization of the plant process chain through transparency of the material flow

Our solutions - WasteAnt Our solutions - WasteAnt

Material acceptance

  • Impurity detection
  • Material characteristics
  • Validation of waste classification code
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Producer statistics
  • Documentation

Conveyor belt

  • Impurity detection with emergency stop
  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

Bunker management

  • Homogeneity evaluation and recommendations

Incineration forecasts

  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

In a typical Waste–to–Energy plant we can

decrease - WasteAnt

plant operating costs

Avoid unexpected downtimes through impurity detection

Less maintenance effort through impurity detection

Reduction of delivery inspection time by 95% through automated delivery analysis

Reduction in the use of fossil fuels and cleaning material through calorific value forecasts

reduce - WasteAnt


Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for incineration

Avoidance of emission peaks through better material homogenization

increase - WasteAnt

the electricity output

Incineration closer to optimal efficiency through AI-supported material selection

Higher material incineration volume through fewer downtimes

Potential annual financial benefit of the solution per plant: 0,5-4 M €

Our system learns with every delivery and already delivers decisive added value


tons of analyzed waste


boxes installed in plants


material deliveries analyzed


for temperature and impurity detection

Our projects

swb - Our pilot partners - WasteAnt

At swb, we installed the first prototype of our waste quality monitoring system in Q3 2021 and completed the proof of concept. Today, all four delivery gates are equipped with our waste quality control system.
Also the waste bunker and drop chute are equipped with our solution to provide recommendations for material homogenization as well as emissions and calorific value forecasts.

Neew Energy from Waste - Our pilot partners - WasteAnt
Neew Energy from Waste

In cooperation with NEEW we built a prototype for collecting information about the waste materials at the bunker drop chute before the incineration process.

The aim is to be able to significantly reduce the fluctuations in the burning and energy output operations based on a better knowledge of the materials quality and type.

hkw blumenthal - Our pilot partners - WasteAnt
hkw blumenthal

At hkw Blumenthal, we use our solution for waste quality analysis on the conveyor belt. On the one hand, downtimes should be reduced through the continuous identification of impurities. On the other hand, an optimized thermal utilization of the waste is aimed at, made possible by the early recording of calorific and emission values.

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