Optimization of the plant process chain through transparency of the material flow

Our solutions - WasteAnt Our solutions - WasteAnt

Material acceptance

  • Impurity detection
  • Material characteristics
  • Validation of waste classification code
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Producer statistics
  • Documentation

Conveyor belt

  • Impurity detection with emergency stop
  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

Bunker management

  • Homogeneity evaluation and recommendations

Incineration forecasts

  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

Conveyor belt

Monitoring the material flows on the conveyor belt enables the identification of impurities as well as estimates of calorific value and emissions information

Several different analyzes run in parallel to identify relevant impurities in real time

For example rigid, oversized objects are detected as impurities