Optimization of the plant process chain through transparency of the material flow

Our solutions - WasteAnt Our solutions - WasteAnt

Material acceptance

  • Impurity detection
  • Material characteristics
  • Validation of waste classification code
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Producer statistics
  • Documentation

Conveyor belt

  • Impurity detection with emergency stop
  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

Bunker management

  • Homogeneity evaluation and recommendations

Incineration forecasts

  • Calorific value prediction
  • Emission prediction (e.g. HCl)

Material Acceptance

For delivery control, we equip the gates with sensors and light, scanners or cameras with license plate detection enable the assignment of the producers

After the delivery has been completed, an evaluation of the material characteristics is made​

Each delivery can be evaluated separately: abnormalities are displayed in a collection of images, time lapse and delivery statistics allow for a quick delivery overview​

The visual recording of the waste classification codes (AVV) reports in the event of deviations from the expected material

An automatic report can be generated for each delivery, suitable as a basis for discussion with the supplier

Examples of conspicuous deliveries

The temperature monitoring takes place in real time (<1s) and identifies hot materials.
By super-imposing temperature and image information, hot objects or areas can also be visually detected and thus better removed

The real-time analysis is currently trained on four different material types: plastic, metal, textile and cardboard

The material composition is analyzed over time. The analysis is based on material surfaces and recorded instances